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Our Activities

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Adrenalin packed games played in an ALL outdoor arena, day or night.....
.50 Caliber
.68 Caliber

Less pain, same amount of fun!

An awesome introduction to paintball without the pain of the larger calibre guns. Perfect for kids birthdays, Hens Parties, School Groups and Family Fun.

Easy to hold and shoot guns with lower velocity and smaller paintballs  make this a great choice for first time players.

Group sizes from 6 to 50 players. 

Small groups will be booked on our speed field due to the limited distance these guns can shoot.

Ages 8 TO 12 years or Hens Parties only

4 players minimum

50 Maximum

 $45 pp  includes 150 paintballs, gun, mask and 2 x 20 minute games.

$15 for another 100 paintballs

only $10pp extra to book this at night. 8 Players minimum.


2 games

The earliest evidence of archery dates to the late Paleolithic period, around 10,000 BC, when the Egyptian and neighbouring Nubian cultures used bows and arrows archery for the purposes of hunting and warfare.

Lean the art of the long bow and enjoy the thrill of hitting a target just like they did 1000's of years ago!


Experienced staff will get you on target in no time!


Ages years and over.

6 players minimum

 $20pp  includes Long Bow right or Left handed and kids size available, arrows, Zombie Targets. 60 minutes booking time.


A great introduction to PAINTBALL, Easy to hold and learn. Low impact but loads of fun, an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Great for schools and kids holiday programs.

Ages years and over.

6 players minimum

30 Players Maximum

 $25pp  includes SLINGSHOT  (right or Left handed )  MASK, 2 X 20 MINUTE GAMES  and 100 paintballs per player.

Add one more 20 minute game for only $10 per player! (includes 50 balls pp)

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