Our FAQs

You Ask. We Answer.

Do you have EFTPOS?

YES! We also accept cash and can issue 7 day invoices for Schools, Corporate events and other organisations.

How do I make a booking?

The fastest way to book is to call us on 0800 005 181 or you can email us-


All same day bookings require payment in full by credit or debit card done over the phone when you make the booking. Unless cancelled by Zombieland due to bad weather, all moneys paid are non refundable.

Is there a booking fee?

All booking require a minimum $50 deposit. This will be deducted from your total amount payable on the day of your booking.

This deposit is non refundable if you cancel within 72 Hours of your booking.

What happens if I fail to show up for my booking?

If you have not cancelled directly by phone 72 hours before your booking and fail to show up you will loose your deposit and will also be charged a $200 inconvenience fee.

Does weather effect my booking?

Please remember that we operate outdoors. All bookings are at the mercy of the weather.

Paintball generally runs in most weather conditions unless deemed unsafe by our staff.

LaserWar can run in light rain but will be cancelled if weather worsens.

Archery can run in light rain but will be cancelled if weather worsens.

Shotgun Target Range can run in light rain but will be cancelled if weather worsens.

If your booking is cancelled by Zombieland due to the weather, we will refund your deposit in full or you can re-book another time.

Can I bring spectators?

Yes, spectators are welcome but are only allowed in the viewing areas.

Am I allowed to consume alcohol at Zombieland?

Alcohole is permitted at zombieland but must only be consumed after you finished your booking. We also ask that you act responsibly during your visit to Zombieland as we often have families and children on site. 
Remember to bring a sober driver!

do you supply overalls?

We have overalls available for sizes small to medium and ponchos available for larger players.

Can you play at night at Zombieland?

Yes, we have a specially designed night field lit by powerful LED Lights and a full sound system for your enjoyment!

How safe is it to play Paintball?

Provided you pay attention to the Safety Briefing that you will be given before you play and wear the protective goggles at ALL TIMES on the playing field its one of the safest recreational outdoor sports around.

What happens if I damage the gear at Zombieland?

Our guns and gear are of the highest quality in NZ. We take pride in what we have to offer our clients. If you damage our gear through careless play or stupidity you will be charged for it.

Running late?

Please be on time for your booking. Most weekends we are booked solid at Zombieland so if you arrive late your games will be cut short.

How long is a booking at Zombieland?

Paintball bookings take about 1.5 -2  hours

Laser Tag bookings take about 1 hour

I did not make a booking but I would still like to play today, can I just show up?

Due to the different requirement of each individual booking, all games are required to prebook. PH: 0800 005 181